The Year 2010 In Review for CAC

Why review the year now, you may ask? Because we are halfway through. Enough of 2010 is left to carry out those hopes and prayers you had on New Year’s Day. Today, Friday, June 25, is the last Friday of the first half of the year. Let’s do a quick year-in-review: (We’ve packed a lot into 6 months! We’re fired up and excited about the 7 souls who’ve been baptized!)

In the month of January, we began enjoying the outstanding ministry of our very own Rev. Ben Petrella. His pulpit ministry has turned Sunday evenings into soul-searching and evangelistic crusades! We love the Petrellas and congratulate them on their move to Castle Rock in the next few weeks!

In February, we had Galen Walters (Houston, TX, engage us in the the spiritual aspects of leadership. He also challenged our Ministry Directors to improve their productivity through a better understanding of their leadership styles (DiSC Assessment). Toward the end of February, the Vertical Fellowship of CAC were jolted with a power-packed Youth Revival led by Evangelist Ryan French (Raleigh, NC).

In March, Chairman of the Alaska State Licensing Board of Psychologists, Dr. Lorin Bradbury so capably graced our pulpit and taught Biblical principles of Godly homes and marriages. March quickly slipped by, but not without an empowering Sunday School staff seminar led by Terry Vik (Des Moines, IA). Bro. Vik also moved us and blessed our regular services with his Drama Ministry (

April blew in with the mighty rushing wind of Nate Lawrence’s (Lufkin, TX) saxophone! His music composition and performing talents gave the CAC Orchestra a fresh boost with special workshops. The visit culminated in a very special Easter Sunday, with services we’ll long remember. Also in April, we were blessed for a weekend with the dynamic ministry of Evangelist Kelly Ventura (Visalia, CA). Near the end of April, the Lord allowed our paths to merge with a great Ethiopian missionary, Elder Solomon Lodamo and his wife. As usual, you CAC, stepped up to the plate and gave a very generous offering for foreign missions. May God richly reward!

Now, who can forget the outstanding preaching ministry of Timothy Spell at the beginning of May, 2010? That, compounded with his CAC Choir workshops, new choir songs, and vocal talents, left us so very refreshed and renewed in our focus on the Mile High Conference 2010 praise and worship. (“This Is Your Lucky Day” was an awesome message you can continually enjoy on sermon archives.)

At the beginning of this month of June 2010, we had the privilege of receiving a challenging Tuesday evening sermon by Evangelist Craig Ashcraft (Bay City, TX). Remember the title? “Sometimes I Just Can’t Be Nice.” Two weeks ago, Pastor Terry Black (Memphis, TN) preached a weekend and a Tuesday evening. We will forever be grateful for a contemporary viewpoint on the current climate of modern Christendom. I believe we were well-admonished to preserve Bible principles while forging a future of revival and evangelism.

Finally, as of last Tuesday night, we’ve concluded the Pentecostal-Apostolic classic series, “Seven Men and Two Natures.” I pray that CAC is rooted strongly, with stakes driven deeply, as we prepare for the enlargement of our “tent”!

Isaiah 54:2–3 (KJV) “Enlarge the place of thy tent, And let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations: Spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes; 3 For thou shalt break forth on the right hand and on the left…”

Saints of CAC, we are now positioned in such a way as to impact our community and our city LIKE NEVER BEFORE!! What a foundation the first six months have given us to launch out and see Holy Ghost outpouring throughout the rest of 2010! IT’S TIME TO PRAY, FAST, REACH, TEACH, AND PREACH! Please make the July 4th “Freedom Celebration” at City Park and the Mile High Conference your prayer priorities. Constantly invite all your friends and family to come meet Jesus! The Best is Yet To Come.

God bless you,

Pastor DEH2

P.S. We’ll ALL be in prayer for a wonderful heavenly rain in the “Women of War” prayer meeting tonight, 7:30 PM to 7:30 AM.

P.P.S. See you Sunday morning, early for sanctuary prayer!

Published by pastordonhaymon2

Senior Pastor Don Haymon II began his journey as a minister when he was raised in the home of the founder of Calvary Apostolic Church—his father. In 1986 he concluded a four-year internship under his father as associate pastor. It was at that time that he received his ordination certificate as a minister of the gospel. He married LaRonda Ellard, in 1992. He earned a bachelor of arts in Communication from the University of Denver the same year. In 1997, Don became senior pastor. In 2013 he graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Christian Leadership from Hope International University. Today, he is the passionate shepherd of Calvary Apostolic Church of Denver, guided by a compelling and true call of God. For those in his pastoral care, he seeks personal development and spiritual growth as a priority. His preaching and teaching has taken him around the world to at least 10 countries. Under his leadership, he has founded six churches in Burma. The challenge of communicating the Acts 2:38 gospel worldwide remains his heartbeat as well as the constant growth pattern of the local church in Denver. He and LaRonda are the parents of three grown children. They reside in Castle Rock, CO.

2 thoughts on “The Year 2010 In Review for CAC

  1. AND…. my sweet nephew Michael Mitchell received the Holy Ghost on June 18th!!!!! Don’t forget that! 🙂

  2. Pastor Haymon,
    Gracious! I love your posting here….my name is included! Seriously, it is always a joy to visit CAC. Here’s why; There is always an excellence, a ‘best foot forward’ if you will. There is always a sincere friendliness emanating from our many friends there, and last but not least, there is a spiritual dynamic at work that is very tangible! Maybe there is one more. Denver! What a lovely city, what a lovely state! Blessings on you as you finish out the year!

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