CAC Friday Communique – CAC Finished Roof!

Greetings from Tulsa, Oklahoma!

The CAC YouthONE group is having a wonderful and spiritually strengthening experience at the PEAK Conference. Thank each of you who helped make it a reality. The preaching has been superb, as has the clean and energetic fellowship among fellow Apostolic youth from across the nation.
For today’s Communique, I have the privilege of sharing the personal viewpoint of our Safety Coordinator, Bro. Tom Schirmer. With extensive experience, he has willingly availed himself to the daunting task of overseeing the scope of our insurance underwriting process following the damaging rainstorm last week.
With the enthusiasm and faith of a true, Holy Spirit-filled saint of God, he recounts the memories and opportunities that accompanied the catastrophic and damaging storm.
Don’t forget, Saturday is a MAJOR CLEANING WORK DAY at CAC. We need the support of all saints, especially in the absence of so many young people, who will be on the road home from Tulsa. Work begins at 8:00 AM.
Bro. Timothy Spell is our weekend guest, bringing our minds into even clearer focus as we launch 2011 Mile High Conference Revival week! Pray for souls to be saved as our guest ministers obey the leading of the Holy Ghost in their message delivery. (See for the daily schedule).
Thank you for being the most special and beloved group of saints on planet earth! What a joy each of you are to your pastor. My wife and I love you very dearly!
Now, for the testimony by Bro. Schirmer:

It’s Thursday, exactly one week after the roof project began and the catastrophic flood occurred. A week ago, Brother Sam Kelly ran through the sanctuary praying that his heroic efforts to save the lives of countless musical instruments weren’t in vain. While he carried the lifeless bodies of water-logged keyboards to safety, water poured from the suspended speaker cluster and projection equipment. An epic downpour flooded the church and school within minutes. A challenging, but much anticipated, roofing project had instantly become an unimaginable loss that could threaten the Mile High Conference. The extent of the damage became more apparent over the next day.

Many times during an emergency, people panic and fear is overwhelming. I’ve always known that fear was contagious in these events, but I never knew the same could be said of faith and courage. I had the joy of seeing the church body feed off the strength of one another. Under a devastating attack, everyone helped as if we were one. When one failed and couldn’t go forward, two were quickly with him. It clearly wasn’t just us helping each other. As hard as it was to see at the time, God has been comforting and encouraging us this entire time.

I know how liability claims work in these situations. Help is hard to come by and the only source of money is reluctant and painfully slow in taking responsibility. Typically, more time is spent blaming and pointing fingers than in moving forward. There is a long road ahead of repairs, decisions and tedious work. But there’s one amazing, indisputable fact. We should not be where we are today. We should not look like we do. I looked at a church this evening that looks brand new (at least on the outside, see attached finished roof). The list of repairs before the conference is down to five items and they will be complete in plenty of time. Everything will be in place for a wonderful revival and the future looks brighter than it ever has at CAC. We’ve made new friends that we never would have known otherwise. We’ve had our knowledge strengthened yet again that God is always working for our good. With Him we will always prevail, make it through the storm and somehow be better for it. Once again, everything really is going to be alright. Let’s celebrate, keep our eyes on the Lord and see what He’s got planned next!

Bro. Tom signs off by saying:

…….That’s an update, Sir! I hope some of us give you something you can use or at least help inspire you! So looking forward to your return! (look at that photo… have to see it in person…..that color and material is more beautiful than any roof I’ve ever seen!) Thanks – Bro Tom

Now, (drum roll….!), check out the beauty of our new roof!

Published by pastordonhaymon2

Senior Pastor Don Haymon II began his journey as a minister when he was raised in the home of the founder of Calvary Apostolic Church—his father. In 1986 he concluded a four-year internship under his father as associate pastor. It was at that time that he received his ordination certificate as a minister of the gospel. He married LaRonda Ellard, in 1992. He earned a bachelor of arts in Communication from the University of Denver the same year. In 1997, Don became senior pastor. In 2013 he graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Christian Leadership from Hope International University. Today, he is the passionate shepherd of Calvary Apostolic Church of Denver, guided by a compelling and true call of God. For those in his pastoral care, he seeks personal development and spiritual growth as a priority. His preaching and teaching has taken him around the world to at least 10 countries. Under his leadership, he has founded six churches in Burma. The challenge of communicating the Acts 2:38 gospel worldwide remains his heartbeat as well as the constant growth pattern of the local church in Denver. He and LaRonda are the parents of three grown children. They reside in Castle Rock, CO.

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