East Coast Greetings from Pastor Haymon & Family

Coming to you live from aboard the NYC to Washington DC Amtrak train, speeding along at over 120 mph. We’ve had a very delightful visit to the Big Apple! From Broadway to 911 Memorial, from Times Square to Liberty Island, it’s been packed with great sights and wonderful family memories. We plan to be atContinue reading “East Coast Greetings from Pastor Haymon & Family”

Jack Carter’s Testimony: Today’s Cryo Treatment

FWD from Julie Carter (wife), 1:28 PM, 3/13/12: What a difference from the “adventure” two weeks ago. Today went as smooth as could be. Both Jack and I had long conversations with Dr. Fukami and the Anesthesiologist before the procedure. They feel that he had the stroke during the last procedure, while asleep, resultant fromContinue reading “Jack Carter’s Testimony: Today’s Cryo Treatment”

Three Phone Calls…

Greetings, in Jesus’ Name, from Sacramento, CA! The 2012 No Limits preaching conference has been absolutely outstanding. I encourage you to tune in on http://www.holyghostradio.com to hear today’s services (10:30 AM and 7:30 PM, PST). How have your opportunities to speak Apostolic been this week?? (Apostolic means “go” or “sent,” as in one commissioned toContinue reading “Three Phone Calls…”

Revival Update From Sis. Noel 3-07-12

Yet another word of encouragement from our dear Sis. Noel Tuning. It’s “infectious!” Begin forwarded message: Date: March 7, 2012 6:04:21 AM MST To: Pastor Haymon <deh2> Subject: From Noel 3-07-12 HOLY GHOST MANIFESTS IN TEEN AND TWENTY-SOMETHING NEWCOMERS! Tuesday Evening Service again gave evidence of the MOVING of the HOLY GHOST! The twenty-something newcomerContinue reading “Revival Update From Sis. Noel 3-07-12”