Jack Carter’s Testimony: Today’s Cryo Treatment

FWD from Julie Carter (wife), 1:28 PM, 3/13/12:

What a difference from the “adventure” two weeks ago. Today went as smooth as could be. Both Jack and I had long conversations with Dr. Fukami and the Anesthesiologist before the procedure. They feel that he had the stroke during the last procedure, while asleep, resultant from a combination of being off the anticoagulant and the cryo treatment itself and perhaps other factors as well. That would explain his rocky awakening and difficult post procedure course after the treatment February 27th. Today with a new anti-coagulation regimen and 2 anesthesiologists in attendance we proceeded with the planned procedure and are more than thankful with the outcome! In February the procedure pictures clearly showed a bulky white tumor in Jack’s lower esophagus. Today’s pictures reveal “1) localized mild mucosal abnormality characterized by granularity 2) Barrett’s esophagus 3) a benign-appearing, intrinsic mild stenosis{narrowing} and 4) mild patchy congestion and erythemia in stomach.” NO TUMOR!!!! No Cryo treatment was done! Dr Fukami wants the esophagus to heal for 2 more weeks. He did take several biopsies from all areas and we should hear by the end of the week or early next week. We are thanking the Lord and our friends and family for all the prayers and support. Dr Fukami also dilated {stretched wider}the small stricture which should make swallowing much easier for Jack. Dr Fukami is very pleased with the result and feels Jack will need at least one more cryo treatment depending on the biopsy findings! WAHOO! Thank you Jesus!! Regardless of the biopsy findings, today’s procedure went so well, so incredibly smooth and uneventful with Jack waking up easily and able to walk and think normally and that the bulk, if not all of the tumor is gone….hallelujah!!! Two weeks ago he was in the ICU on a breathing machine and no movement in his left arm or leg…Today he is playing his clarinet and preparing for a special song, gaining strength by leaps and bounds…again Thank You Jesus!!!! And again thank you all for all the prayers and support. I did a dance and cried tears of joy today. Love, Julie/mom

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A spiritual shepherd who loves the Saintly flock of God at CAC; who loves his family, and who loves the Apostolic doctrine and the Pentecost

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