Vocal Surgery Update

Humidifier, facial steam, chiropractic, allergy meds, cough suppressants, and complete voice rest. You guessed it. These all are part and parcel to vocal fold surgery. Particularly, in my case, the removal of polyps. Until next Tuesday, I’m restricted to complete non-usage of my voice. Not a hum, a grunt, or even a whisper. Silence! Five […]

Brother Shawn Robertson Update

Greetings, CAC Family. Bro. Robertson just completed his first of two oncology appointments for today. This appointment, with a radiation specialist, was very informative. The findings indicate that the cancer originated in his right tonsil due to a viral┬ácondition. It is localized (has not spread), and is solely contained in that solitary tumor. Expectations, from […]

Urgent Prayer Need

Dear CAC Family, As you may know, Bro. Robertson, our greatly appreciated, deeply dedicated, and especially talented Sunday School Director was diagnosed with stage four carcinoma (cancer) on Wednesday, April 11, 2012. (Mark this date, because it represents the beginning of a new testimony of God’s remarkable miracle-working power.) Five years ago, he was made […]


Good Friday Greetings and Announcements CAC family and friends: How are you? We hope you’ve had a good week. It’s great to be home from Spring Break and fully engaged in the great work of serving God’s family at CAC. What an honor. In an effort to keep this message short and to the point, […]