I Was Right, But I Was Wrong

The following article (reprinted by permission from its author) flows freely from the heart of a man of God who experienced a personal Gethsemane, a Jonah-In-The-Belly-Of-The-Deep experience… and lived to tell about it! Must reading for any serious saint of God. This is a vivid picture of the kind of humility that Heaven welcomes… toContinue reading “I Was Right, But I Was Wrong”

Quick Voice Surgery Update

Happy, beautiful, Mile High Friday everyone! To everyone who has prayed, called, texted, emailed, etc.,, thank you! Yesterday, 5/3/12, surgeon did a follow-up scope (through my nose, down the plumbing to the vocal folds) to verify the healing process resulting from removal of two opposing polyps on each cord. Report was very favorable. Healing isContinue reading “Quick Voice Surgery Update”