CAC Friday Communiqué – June 22

Greetings, CAC!

I trust this writing finds you well, prospering in every way.

There’s no doubt in my mind that you have been prayerfully considering all of the medical issues that have been faced by multiple individuals in our congregation over the last few days.

As we reach the conclusion of this week, I am grateful to report that everyone is doing well, thank the Lord!

As many of you may know, Bro. Terry McClimans suffered in an accident by falling down about five steps to the basement floor of a home he was appraising on Wednesday evening. X-rays revealed that he had suffered a broken hip. As it turns out, thankfully, he only had a broken hip ball but not a broken socket. This entailed a necessary partial hip replacement which took place on Thursday afternoon. The surgery went remarkably well, and he is expected to begin weight-bearing therapy as early as today! The doctors do not feel that this will be much of a setback with regard to his nervous system recovery which is also in progress. It was further determined that his bones are in great shape–no signs of any osteoporosis.

Bro. John Knott, Sr. experienced a very successful rotary cuff surgery on Monday afternoon. He was well enough to visit Brother Terry in the hospital! Bro. Knott is expected to wear a positioning sling for six months to allow his right shoulder to heal properly.

Bro. Shawn Robertson has concluded his final week of cancer treatment! Wednesday was his final chemo, and Thursday was his final radiation. We are all so very anxious for recovery to take place, especially in his throat, mouth, and tongue regions. Our prayer is that the next several days will not result in the great suffering that his past chemotherapy treatments caused.

Bro. Jackson Carter experienced a severe restriction of the tissue in his esophagus early in the week, requiring special surgical treatment. As of now, he has managed to swallow small bites in a limited fashion but continues to experience much discomfort. Both he and his wife, Sister Julie, remain extremely jolly, upbeat, and full of faith that God is in complete control! Thank you Brother and Sister Carter, for the great inspiration you are.

Brother Hugh Avant is still suffering with severe pain in his back due to severely bulging discs. Please keep him in your prayers as he travels on business this weekend and into next week.

Brother Christian Avant returned home from the hospital on Thursday following a serious bout with double-pneumonia. Thankfully, everything is under control with him, and he is expected to be able to return to work within a week.

Whew! It’s been quite a marathon of a week! Thank God for good medical help and good insurance! Most importantly, we thank our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for being our constant Great Physician and Healer.

Folks, I trust that you are setting aside this evening for joining the rest of the church family for church-wide prayer. It’s pretty obvious that we need corporate prayer, if for nothing more than the needs listed above. Starting promptly at 8:30, we will embark upon a Holy Ghost-entreating, spirit-soaking, mind-washing, and soul-searching pursuit of God’s gentle hand, both for immediate needs, as well as for the events and circumstances of the summer. If we do not bathe our plans, initiatives, and schedules in sincere, earnest, fervent prayer, then we are only in the midst of an exercise of futility. We must bring every thing we hope for, everything we hold dear to the altar of sacrifice and offer it up “holy and acceptable unto God.”

Brothers and sisters, I am so very filled with enthusiasm for the this weekend as revival continues! I’m believing tonight’s prayer meeting and this weekend of high-praise, anointed worship and the Word, is going to launch us, household-by-household, into the best months of the year. As you may know, this Sunday is the first Sunday of summer. “Greater things are yet to come…”

Deep, abiding, Shepherd love,

Rev. D. E. Haymon II
Calvary Apostolic Church of Denver
5900 E. Yale Ave.
Denver, CO 80222

Published by pastordonhaymon2

Senior Pastor Don Haymon II began his journey as a minister when he was raised in the home of the founder of Calvary Apostolic Church—his father. In 1986 he concluded a four-year internship under his father as associate pastor. It was at that time that he received his ordination certificate as a minister of the gospel. He married LaRonda Ellard, in 1992. He earned a bachelor of arts in Communication from the University of Denver the same year. In 1997, Don became senior pastor. In 2013 he graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Christian Leadership from Hope International University. Today, he is the passionate shepherd of Calvary Apostolic Church of Denver, guided by a compelling and true call of God. For those in his pastoral care, he seeks personal development and spiritual growth as a priority. His preaching and teaching has taken him around the world to at least 10 countries. Under his leadership, he has founded six churches in Burma. The challenge of communicating the Acts 2:38 gospel worldwide remains his heartbeat as well as the constant growth pattern of the local church in Denver. He and LaRonda are the parents of three grown children. They reside in Castle Rock, CO.

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