Hope Corps Roatan, Sunday, July 1st, Update for CAC

Post from Thursday Night
“Overgrown Jungle Over-THROWN!”
Up a steep dirt driveway, in a clearing in the midst of a jungle rain forest, solidly and gracefully sits a two-story (not quite finished) block building which houses Hope Corps training facilities on the island of Roatan, Honduras. Yes, we just arrived today at the 2012 Hope Camp and were mightily impressed with the progress–the bold, violent, swath that has been cut in the heart of this island for the glory of God! As recent as last October, the hillside was an overgrown, steep, and foreboding forest. In a cooperative between The Rock Church and the WPF, an escatological foreign-missions Vision of Apostolic revival on this island cut a clean and powerful kairotological “slice” right through the chronological drumbeat of lost souls. This interruption in their marching to the rhythm of satan’s music is HATED by the enemy! God is proving Himself real as soul after Honduran soul surrenders to the FORCE of God’s Spirit.

Post from Friday Night:
As I type this post, we (my son and I) have just returned from an AMAZING outreach concert event here on Roatan where six people received the Holy Ghost! Missionary Jones shook hands with the #1 mercenary assassin on this island, who, reportedly, will murder anyone he’s asked to kill for just $1500 US! This guy promised to be back at the service tomorrow night! Glory! …what a great move of God tonight. Awesome music, great crowd, tons of people lurking back, up, and away in the shadows, as well as overlooking from a vantage point away and above the concert spot. Rifle and shotgun-armed guards stood nearby to insure peace and safety. (In the chronological realm, such law and order demands guns and bullets). HOWEVER, the Hope Corps students PUSHED BACK the darkness with their powerful singing, rejoicing, and prayer. It literally seemed like daytime to me! Kairos power was unleashed as the “President” of La Colonia received the Holy Ghost, as well as his son! God is allowing a most miraculous networking of the Apostolic spiritual leadership (the Jones’ and Malone’s) with the influential figures of this island. Truly, God’s power is producing a very distinct and BOLD example of this class material. How awesome it is to see the “textbook” black & white facts we’re being taught, literally expressed in flesh and blood: living color! To God be the Glory!

To CAC: Don III is being deeply impacted by the teaching and experience of team efforts in sharing the gospel with this island. Of the 50 or so fellow colleagues from Hope Corps, he has been called upon to engage heavily in supporting the needs of the ministry, staging, and music. He’s helped pray several people through to the Holy Ghost in just the last two days! He’s  become the right-hand man for the senior missionary, Bro. Steve Malone. He was prophesied over that he arrived a “good boy” but he’s become a “great man” while he’s here. Everyday, he get picked up by the camp bus and heads to the camp to pray, study, train, and work. This week, he’ll be joining the team to pour a concrete floor for one of the new sanctuaries. (They do it a 50-lb. bag of dry mix at a time!)

As for me: We’ll I’m only a chaperone, Ha ha! Suffice it to say, the scuba diving here is magnificent! Between services, it’s been a blessing to have a bit of time catch up on reading and writing as well.

Thank you, CAC, for your faithfulness during this time of our absence. May God bless you all and shower down His best upon you and yours this week! We return Friday, and look forward seeing everyone Sunday. Don’t forget, you can follow the happenings of the week here in Honduras by my Twitter handle: @cacpastor or keep an eye on www.pastordonhaymon2.com.

Please get behind the preaching of Bro. Pizarro! He’s a great, great man, very  highly respected among his peers. (I’d like to thank him for making a hospital visit to pray for Bro. Hugh Avant yesterday!)

HAVE GREAT CHURCH, in Jesus’ Name!

Rev. D. E. Haymon II
Calvary Apostolic Church of Denver
5900 E. Yale Ave.
Denver, CO 80222


Published by pastordonhaymon2

Senior Pastor Don Haymon II began his journey as a minister when he was raised in the home of the founder of Calvary Apostolic Church—his father. In 1986 he concluded a four-year internship under his father as associate pastor. It was at that time that he received his ordination certificate as a minister of the gospel. He married LaRonda Ellard, in 1992. He earned a bachelor of arts in Communication from the University of Denver the same year. In 1997, Don became senior pastor. In 2013 he graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Christian Leadership from Hope International University. Today, he is the passionate shepherd of Calvary Apostolic Church of Denver, guided by a compelling and true call of God. For those in his pastoral care, he seeks personal development and spiritual growth as a priority. His preaching and teaching has taken him around the world to at least 10 countries. Under his leadership, he has founded six churches in Burma. The challenge of communicating the Acts 2:38 gospel worldwide remains his heartbeat as well as the constant growth pattern of the local church in Denver. He and LaRonda are the parents of three grown children. They reside in Castle Rock, CO.

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