Greetings from Canada! [CAC Friday Communique, 8/10/12]

Bonjour, CAC Family!

With deep gratitude for His travelling mercies, we greet you in Jesus’ Name from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. What a privilege to travel abroad for such an illustrious occasion! My wife and I are thankful for the opportunity that global networks provide for burgeoning new relationships! We’re “godly proud” of Bro. Jerome Lovato and Sis. Elizabeth Hall in their finding of one another and in their plans to spend forever together. It will be a great honor to officiate at their wedding. Additionally, it’s a great honor to be invited to preach this Sunday at the same local Apostolic church were the wedding will take place.

We certainly miss being home! My son, Don, and I were mightily blessed to attend the Arkansas Campmeeting in Little Rock, AR on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Thankful to hear the excellent reports of Bro. Randy Williams ministry in my absence. Thank you, CAC, for your faithfulness to the house of God, even when I’m away! As you know, Lord willing, Pastor Paul Elder, from Pueblo, CO, is our guest evangelist this Sunday evening (bring lots of guests!), and Elder Haymon will preach Sunday morning.

I’d like to issue a great big THANK YOU to the CAC Family as we continue to fast and pray for our forthcoming insurance settlement. It can be so very frustrating to face such distractions and burdens, but we know the Lord is in complete control. As of this moment, we have not yet heard from Arapahoe County Judge Charles Pratt, in our motion for summary judgment. Any day now, in Jesus’ Name! God bless each of you as you hold to your commitments for weekday/Saturday fasting. Rest assured, you’ll be informed as significant developments in the case occur.

Lord willing, we’ll see you all on Tuesday evening (8/14) at a great, anointed, midweek Worship and Word celebration! In the meantime, saints, make every effort to “sanctify the Lord in your hearts” as the day of His coming rapidly approaches. Stay in tune with His sweet spirit of encouragement and guidance along life’s pathway.

I’m so very honored to be your shepherd. Thank you for your willingness to surrender in a redemptive, Isaiah 40:10 & 11 fashion! (That passage is worthy of your reading and review).

In closing, for your optional reading leisure, I’m providing this link to one of my grad school papers. Enjoy! 🙂

May the Lord richly bless and keep you until we reunite shortly!

Pastor DEH2

About pastordonhaymon2

A spiritual shepherd who loves the Saintly flock of God at CAC; who loves his family, and who loves the Apostolic doctrine and the Pentecost

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