Another Old Soldier Meets His Reward – CAC Friday Communique, 9/28/12

Greetings in the Precious, Saving Name of Jesus Christ! Please accept my sincerest hopes that you have enjoyed the week, basking in the Presence of The Lord. May He accept the sacrifices of praise, fasting, and consecration that we pour out daily, as a congregation, highly favored, and distinguished with the life-changing revelation of theContinue reading “Another Old Soldier Meets His Reward – CAC Friday Communique, 9/28/12”

CAC Friday Communique – September 21

Greetings, great saints, in the precious name of Jesus Christ, our One True God! Trusting and praying that this communication finds you well. As of the time of this writing, my wife’s 89-year-old grandfather, Rev. Tom Marshall, is still on the threshold between life and Life eternal. Thank you for your continued prayers for theContinue reading “CAC Friday Communique – September 21”