Effective Prayer – CAC Friday Communique, 11/30/12

Greetings, in Jesus’ precious Name! I hope you are still rejoicing and following through with a deeper prayer life following our midweek churchwide family prayer meeting. The quote that I read during prayer meeting is far too important to leave it there. Please allow me to share it again, this time in written form. Also,Continue reading “Effective Prayer – CAC Friday Communique, 11/30/12”

Post-Election Apostolic Revival! – CAC Friday Communique for 11/9/12

"All times are the times that try men’s souls… The age one lives in is always in crisis… Politics is for most of us a parade of abstract symbols which our experience teaches us to be a benevolent or malevolent force that can be close to omnipotent" — (Edelman, 1977). Isn’t it awesome that Spirit-filledContinue reading “Post-Election Apostolic Revival! – CAC Friday Communique for 11/9/12”