Sharing My Short Outline on The Book of Revelation 1-11

Since I mentioned this outline in a recent message, there has been some interest expressed for me to publish it. Such as I have… 🙂 Outline of Revelation Chapters 1 – 11 DEH2 Chapter 1 “Who Is Christ?” It would be a mistake, a common misconception, that the book of Revelation is far too complicatedContinue reading “Sharing My Short Outline on The Book of Revelation 1-11”

We Despise Canceling Services for Weather!

However, a few hearty folks are at CAC waiting for guests or anyone we may have missed. They’re planning to have coffee, bagels, donuts, and a warm welcome ready, just in case! Our average CAC commuter travels 12 miles to get to church (my best guess, anyway!) Being a metro Apostolic church, we must makeContinue reading “We Despise Canceling Services for Weather!”

Sunday Snow Service Interruption

There will be no morning service on February 24, 2013, for CAC of Denver. As much as it pains me, I find it necessary to err on the side of wisdom and safety. With most notable and outstanding guests, Jason & Brenda Carr, the decision is even more grueling. If the sun comes out, theContinue reading “Sunday Snow Service Interruption”