No God, No Peace

Growth is the enemy to equilibrium.  Clothes, school, friends, puberty, education, and much more all conspire to continually move the borders and expand the territory of one’s earth life.  This growth is filled with trauma (e.g., first time walking, going to kindergarten without Mom, first time riding a bike, meeting bullies with no adult present, math problems, and onContinue reading “No God, No Peace”

Weekend & Breakfast Guest: Craig Ashcraft!

Get ready for an exceptional weekend of worship and anointed messages! CAC and guests will be blessed, strengthened, and Holy Spirit refreshed through the ministry of one of today’s leading apostolic apologists. a•pol•o•gist (ə‑pŏl′ə‑jĭst) n. A person who speaks in defense or justification of something, such as a doctrine, policy, or institution. Rev. Craig Ashcraft,Continue reading “Weekend & Breakfast Guest: Craig Ashcraft!”