Tonight’s Laminated Handout: 1st 20 Centuries of Christianity

You’ll be shocked by where Christianity has come in 2000 years since the first outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Revelatory! Inspiring! 7:00 PM in the CAC Youth Center auditorium. Come as you are! Don’t miss grabbing your personal copy of Rev. Douglas Hanscomb’s laminated historical chart.

TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT! Christianity like you’ve never experienced it before. Travel through the centuries to find its purity and authenticity.

7:00 PM TONIGHT in CAC Youth Center! Special presentation, “The First 20 Centuries of Christianity” Author Douglas G. Hanscomb is burdened to transmit the reality of our heritage as Apostolic Oneness Christians from the Book of Acts. Accent is upon the unbelievable price and sacrifice of torture and death endured by our fellow Oneness Christians […]

Searching Catholics Crusade 2!

Greetings, in Jesus name! It is with great pleasure that I announce part two of our extraordinary crusade with former Catholic priest, Douglas Hanscomb, next weekend, November 22 and November 24! We are planning a special classroom presentation on Friday p.m. 11/22/13, at 7:00 PM, in which Brother Hanscomb will teach a course called, “The […]