Farewell to 2013! (End of year CAC schedule)

Greetings, all you who are grateful for the coming of The Anointed One–Merry Christmas! To ensure clarity with regard to events that are just around the corner, here is the CAC end-of-year schedule synopsis: Christmas Eve, 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM is our Candlelight service. Sunday, December 29, Fifth Sunday, we’ll have one service onlyContinue reading “Farewell to 2013! (End of year CAC schedule)”

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Do You Hear What I Hear?When someone wishes you, “Merry Christmas,” what do you hear?It is a puzzling yet fascinating phenomenon the way that a message often originates as intended by the sender and terminates with the receiver comprehending a completely different meaning. In faithful communication, the sender and the receiver are always faced withContinue reading “Do You Hear What I Hear?”

Frigid Friday Communique!

Warm wishes to you, on this frigid Friday, CAC Family! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week thus far. Here are some news items and updates for you. The Holmes family, particularly, Bro. Russ, shares the following about his father. It’s high time to pray fervently as a body of believers in divine healing! GreetingsContinue reading “Frigid Friday Communique!”

Eld. Haymon & Bro. Gil Leach: Gratefully Good Reports!

Dad’s pacemaker surgery was a success! Should he experience any further heart beat delays, as you may know, the device will augment the rhythm and keep him from having any knowledge that such even happened! He’s expecting to return home from the hospital tomorrow. We’re all so thankful for the good hand of The LordContinue reading “Eld. Haymon & Bro. Gil Leach: Gratefully Good Reports!”