Recovering & Blessed!

(Isn’t that a great photo? Thanks to my wonderful wife for capturing the moment when those men of CAC who were present Tuesday night gathered around for prayer. All your prayers are making all the difference!)

I am overwhelmed with gratitude and a fresh sense of wonder at the selfless and thoughtful ways of God’s wonderful people. Thank you all for checking on me and for your love for your Pastor. I am recovering nicely following my final phase of basal cell carcinoma extrication. As you may know, the removal was Wednesday and the closure by the plastic surgeon was yesterday, Thursday. Today, I am instructed to use ice packs every hour and keep antibiotic ointment on the newly stitched area on my right lower eyelid. The excellent plastic surgeon, Dr. McCracken, released a bit of the normal tendon tension on the outer edge of my eyelid, allowing him to stitch up the section that was removed. I am thankful that fewer stitches were required than were possibly anticipated. The biggest news is that I am cancer free! Thank the Lord!

Please continue to pray for our fellow CAC Saints who are suffering physical infirmities. Among other prayer needs, Bro. Shawn Robertson has been suffering a terrible headache over the last 24 hours.

We can be so thankful for the “Flock of God” that continues to fulfill the law of Christ by bearing each other’s burdens!

We are looking forward to an extraordinary weekend in the Holy Ghost! Looking forward to seeing each of you Sunday morning at 10:00 AM and Sunday evening at 6:30 PM. Let’s not allow anything to delay our arrival or keep us out of the house of God at worship time!

God bless your Friday.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Haymon

About pastordonhaymon2

A spiritual shepherd who loves the Saintly flock of God at CAC; who loves his family, and who loves the Apostolic doctrine and the Pentecost

2 Responses

  1. Wm Mikesell

    Pastor Haymon…Blessings from the Lord Jesus and the Great State of Texas! So thankful you are doing well and praying a speedy recovery!
    Bro. Mikesell

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