The Revival Power of Oneness: Let God’s Word Speak For Itself

The devil is extremely predictable. His timing is consistent. When the Church is on the move, reaching Heaven and reaching souls in an unprecedented way, Satan works overtime attempting to undermine and thwart the unity and peace of God’s people. He wouldn’t be a good devil if he didn’t! And, even if he is notContinue reading “The Revival Power of Oneness: Let God’s Word Speak For Itself”

CAC Revival Update: A Lot Is Happening!

CAC Denver, revival fire’s burnin! Thankful for so many new souls! Please keep praying for the recently baptized and Holy Ghost filled. Bro. Joel McCoy and our families are headed to teach a Bible study to new CAC guests from Nepal! Send prayers and engage in your own personal harvest field! Pastor DEH2 Revival Calendar:Continue reading “CAC Revival Update: A Lot Is Happening!”