ATTN CAC! Seeking MHCR Leadership Committee Members

Are you ready to embrace the vision of Mile High Conference Revival 2014? “Answered prayer… Anointed praise… Active evangelism” If you’re ready to engage in a meaningful and supportive role, please consider joining the MHCR 2014 Leadership Committee! We are looking for volunteers to lead the following areas: Ministry welcome baskets Evening cooking, decorating, andContinue reading “ATTN CAC! Seeking MHCR Leadership Committee Members”

Guest Speaker at CAC & CAA Graduation, Rev. Simeon Young, Sr

Ministering the Word of Life this Sunday at 10:00 AM & 6:30 PM, Rev. Simeon Young, Sr. and his wife Janice, of Dallas, TX, are our distinguished guests. Rev. Young is the presiding editor of The Pentecostal Herald, the official periodical of the United Pentecostal Church International. We also welcome Rev. Young as our BaccalaureateContinue reading “Guest Speaker at CAC & CAA Graduation, Rev. Simeon Young, Sr”

CAC Men’s LIFE Group Study, Wednesday, June 4

The CAC Men’s LIFE Group is hosting “Act Like Men: A Titanic Lesson in Manliness” video review NEXT WEDNESDAY at 7:30 PM on the CAC central campus at 5900 E. Yale Ave. You’re invited to join us for an hour of fellowship, hot wings, and a chance to advance God’s masculine purpose in our placementContinue reading “CAC Men’s LIFE Group Study, Wednesday, June 4”

CAC Friday Communique – 5/23/14

“When I understand that everything happening to me is to make me more Christlike, it resolves a great deal of anxiety.” – A. W. Tozer Greetings! Thought I would share a tidbit from my meditations through the week. Indeed, it’s easy to begin thinking too highly of ourselves if we forget that our Christianity isContinue reading “CAC Friday Communique – 5/23/14”

[CAC Friday Communique] Happy Birthday Israel!

Were you aware that this week, May 14, 2014, marked the 66th birthday of Israel as a nation? Most of you who are reading this, like me, had not yet entered the planet! That day was a day of celebration as an ancient nation, globally dispersed–the first of its kind historically ever to do so–experiencedContinue reading “[CAC Friday Communique] Happy Birthday Israel!”

May 12 Update On Bro. Don Tanner

What would we do without the family of God and without Jesus Christ as our Good Shepherd? Isn’t it a prime blessing to be a part of the community of faithful believers who care one for the other and who can be counted on for love, support, and loving friendship?! That’s the Bride of ChristContinue reading “May 12 Update On Bro. Don Tanner”