North, To Alaska!

  Greetings from Anchorage, Alaska! Our family is waiting on a brief layover for our flight to the little town of Bethel. 😊 Tomorrow, Tuesday, we plan to fly a small commuter flight to an even smaller community–Tooksook Bay–to minister to that congregation Tuesday evening. Wednesday, we return to Bethel for the remainder of the week. We are excited to bring tidings and blessings from our grand congregation, CAC of Denver, to some of the apostolic saints in the remote areas of Alaska. We want to be a blessing to Dr. Lorin and Sis. Bonnie Bradbury and their churches. They are apostolic pioneers extraordinaire! Thank you for your prayers! Stay tuned for more!

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A spiritual shepherd who loves the Saintly flock of God at CAC; who loves his family, and who loves the Apostolic doctrine and the Pentecost

8 Responses

  1. Angelina Peyton

    Bethel, Alaska is where my son Joey Pastored for several years … I visited there for awhile in 1990 … the saints tried to get me to drink Seal oil because it was 103 below zero … wind chill … the church awarded me a T-shirt that said “I survived 103 below zero” … enjoy your stay … brings a lot of memories back to me.

  2. Sis. Mary

    Praise The Lord! Sis. Rhonda, you probably will need to put on a bit more clothes than you do here in Denver to stay warm in that climate. We want to receive you back healthy. Have a Blessed stay there!

  3. Uncle Ronald

    Hey, is it okay to be jealous? I’ve had a desire to visit Alaska ever since the church sent your parents many, many years ago! Only problem has been, when it came down to actual cost, I decided against it – but now Aunt Sheila and I are planning on an inside passage cruise this coming August! We’re very happy for you, and pray God’s blessings on your church visits! Our love, Uncle Ronald & Aunt Sheila

  4. Gwendole Dare

    Here’s hoping you can sleep while it is still daylight outside!! However you will be in a hotel? We stayed in a little trailer on the Army base. I was up all
    night trying to find anything that I could to cover the windows so we could sleep! But perhaps it is a different time of the year than when we were there
    Hoping it is not the time….of all darkness. : ) Ya’ll enjoy…be careful…be watchful. Love…Aunt Gwen

  5. LO! It’s me again! How is Alaska? Your Dad did a wonderful job yesterday relating the Family’s many miles traveled across the United States, following our dear Mother’s leadings of the Lord… which lead us right into Denver and this wonderful church. You are blessed to be the Pastor/Shepherd!Everyone really enjoyed ‘our history’ and commented about it later. Y’all enjoy the ‘wonders’ of Alaska and bring some memories home! Miss all of you so hurry back. Aunt ‘B;

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