I’m Grateful For My Local Church!

  I love my church where I serve, but I’m also very grateful for the local church in general. In all its beauty and flaws, I can’t imagine culture surviving without it. The Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays are here and I’m offering this article as an encouraging reminder to all of us who serve in a local […]

Shoutout From Maryland

  God has extraordinarily commissioned Pastors Sean and Ron Libby to establish and lead Christian Life Center, a church that shines a bold light in the spiritual darkness across our nation’s Capitol. Anyone who loves apostolic truth, apostolic holiness, and the apostolic Acts 2:38 salvation mandate can rest assured that the Baltimore and Washington beltways have […]

Church-Wide Prayer, 8PM

   Heaven Is Listening. We Refuse To Be Silent. CAC of Denver, church-wide family prayer tonight in the Sanctuary. Come lead your family into the presence of the King of Kings!