Honoring Marriage! Valentine’s Day 2016

Honoring Marriage Text ImageDo you have plans for Valentine’s Day?

It’s a day for romantic dinners, flowers, chocolate, and clothing the world in red.

But this year Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday, and regardless of your age or status, we have something wonderfully new and refreshing in mind!

At CAC, we believe this offers the perfect opportunity for the church family to unite in conveying one important message – marriage should be honored by all. “All” means everyone. Neighbors, co-workers, friends, family – the list goes on – everyone is called upon to honor the divinely sanctioned institution of marriage. As Hebrews 13:4 says, “Let marriage be held in honor among all” (ESV).

To that end, I’m excited to announce a special theme for the second weekend in February: Honoring Marriage 2016.

The Bible is clear that God created marriage. As Apostolic Christians, it’s up to us to stand for the sacredness of marriage in a culture where it has been devalued. Where better to do so than in the context of God’s house where our commitment to marriage begins with our commitment to God?!

It all starts with stressing the importance of marriage. To do so, this Valentine’s Day, the CAC Youth & Young Adults Ministry will host a Date Night couples event on Friday, February 12 at 8:00 PM. On Sunday, Lord willing, the preaching (yes, I have a message burning in my heart!) will center around Honoring Marriage, as will Sunday school lessons/activities for our Kids In Prayer & Praise (KIPP) ministry.

It’s in the best interest of everyone to present a strong emphasis on marriage on Valentine’s Day weekend 2016. Our voices must be heard. The gospel Light must shine as brightly as ever in this dark hour. I challenge you, if you’re married, to mark your calendars for Friday, February 12th. If you’re married or not, please help get the word out to everyone you know that Calvary Apostolic Church of Denver is a church that is actively Honoring Marriage!

We believe the Honoring Marriage 2016 Event has the potential to help prepare couples for marriage, strengthen existing marriages, and save marriages that are facing challenges and even crisis.

Every follower of Christ, every Spirit-filled saint of God, is called to esteem marriage as highly valuable.

Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled… Hebrews 13:4

Yours for God-center lives reaching the world,

Pastor Haymon

About pastordonhaymon2

A spiritual shepherd who loves the Saintly flock of God at CAC; who loves his family, and who loves the Apostolic doctrine and the Pentecost

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