Rev. Wade Bass, CAC Midweek Guest Speaker, 3/15/16, 7:30 PM

You’ll not want to miss this extraordinary opportunity to hear an outstanding preacher of the gospel grace our pulpit. Rev. Wade Bass, Ocala, FL, is a highly sought-after speaker throughout the Pentecostal ranks. Bring a guest. Mark your calendar and don’t let anything interfere with your attendance!

CAC Chaplaincy Prayer, 3/16/16

 Regardless of level or interest, anyone who cares to fulfill the compassion exemplified and expected by Jesus Christ is welcome to join. The fields are white and there’s lots of work to be done! The army of CAC chaplains is growing and being dispatched as our churchwide vision for every soul advances. Remember the Great commandContinue reading “CAC Chaplaincy Prayer, 3/16/16”