July 2016 Prayer Week: MHCR!

CAC Denver Family,

For the first seven days of July, we are focusing on the Mile High Conference Revival 2016. Let’s break our prayer focus down into the following seven vital features that accompany this amazing Revival every year:

1) The Sunday prior (7/24) we have guest Ministry of Rev. Timothy Spell, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. For the mighty hand of God to unite our hearts and minds at this weekend of spiritual pacesetting.

2) Tuesday, (7/26), we will enjoy preconference Banquet at The Brittany Hill in Thorton. We will have the extraordinary entertainment of Evangelist Jeremy Joyce as well as multifaceted musical talent and door prizes. Please be sure to sign up for this event ASAP. Contact Jen McHugh for details. 

3) Conference Speakers. Please call on heaven’s inspiration and anointing for each of our speakers (pictured above).

4) Souls. Together we are binding and blending our prayers before the Lord in sincere petition and entreaty for the salvation of those who have not yet experienced the indwelling power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. By God’s grace, we will see souls transformed into what God created them to be as they are called out of darkness. In Jesus’ Name, this will be the central and core focus of our Revival.

5) Children. Simultaneous to each of the revival services, we will be hosting a Kid’s Crusade under the anointed ministry of Rev. Jeremy Joyce. We pray that God will ignite a fire in the souls of children and fill many with the gift of the Holy Ghost!

6) Worship Experience. Both Rev. Timothy Spell & Mark Yandris will be joining our local worship teams to bring fresh and stirring inspiration to our conference revival worship and music. It’s going to be powerful and life-impacting!

7) Us. We’re God’s people who are ever-so dependent upon the mercy and grace of our Great God. We pray earnestly for an outpouring in unprecedented proportions. Heaven come down! Make us more like You! Lord, please allow our MHCR efforts to bring You great glory and pleasure. As we seek to please you, please hear our prayers for souls added daily, “such as should be saved!” (Acts 2:47). 

About pastordonhaymon2

A spiritual shepherd who loves the Saintly flock of God at CAC; who loves his family, and who loves the Apostolic doctrine and the Pentecost

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