Immediate Focus Items for CAC!


Dear CAC family, below is a direct copy-and-paste to you, raw and unfiltered as I received it from Bishop Ral Buai. Naturally, English is not his first language but, as you know, he is very powerful in his message! We are still rejoicing over this last anointed weekend of services at CAC. TONIGHT, Bishop Buai will be delivering his testimony and his vision for the future of the work of God in Burma

Here is your quick heads up that at tonight’s service we will be collecting a special love offering to send with him to bless the operations of the apostolic movement and vision in Myanmar!

Begin copy and paste direct message from Bishop Buai to Pastor Haymon:

As you may aware, our humble petition to your great church will produce a good result for the kingdom of God. Our most need help is the Bible School 8 months to feed 65 students. The UPCI is designated 5500 for the whole 8 months but it is barely enough for 3 months.

You know Dr. Anna and Henry (VP of Burma) have a dream to build a new building for the Bible School.

As I told you verbally, my ŘAV4, is too small for the countryside traveling. I can sell for 18 thousand US dollars. To add about 8000 dollars could buy Prado used suv so that I can travel to the hills region of our Church. I am praying the Lord will do a miracle.


Dear brothers and sisters of CAC, whatever blessing you are able bring to contribute, whether small or great, will be a blessing.

Thank you in advance!


Four of the most important minutes of your entire week if you just listen to this audio track. God is opening doors in the Denver Women’s Correctional facility like never before. Feel free to reply to this email for more information and to be added to the Facebook Event Group. We’ll have application forms available in tonight’s CAC worship service.

Women’s Prison Ministry message here:

Download application here:


Rev. Don Haymon II 

Senior Pastor

Calvary Apostolic Church

5900 East Yale Ave

Denver, Colorado 80222

303-877-2891 (Cell)

Services: Sun 10a & 6:30p, Tue 7:30p

About pastordonhaymon2

A spiritual shepherd who loves the Saintly flock of God at CAC; who loves his family, and who loves the Apostolic doctrine and the Pentecost

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