Health Update: Mystery & Majesty

Psalms 26:2 (KJV) Examine me, O LORD, and prove me; try my reins and my heart. Reins? What in the world could the Bible be talking about? The first place we look is the original language, Hebrew. In 1611, as the English translators encountered this Hebrew block of words, where we see reins, they saw,Continue reading “Health Update: Mystery & Majesty”

Only Place of Safety: God’s Glorious Church!

In light of recent violence and terrorism attempts, (yes, attempts, mind you! See Matt 10:28),  I stand even more resolutely by the statements made in last Tuesday evening’s Bible study, “there is no better place to be on earth than in the Body of Christ!” As expected, the popular and mass media is jumping on boardContinue reading “Only Place of Safety: God’s Glorious Church!”

I’m Grateful For My Local Church!

  I love my church where I serve, but I’m also very grateful for the local church in general. In all its beauty and flaws, I can’t imagine culture surviving without it. The Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays are here and I’m offering this article as an encouraging reminder to all of us who serve in a localContinue reading “I’m Grateful For My Local Church!”

Live Stream Of Sis. Nesbitt’s Homegoing

   Greetings, in the transforming name of Jesus, Memorial services will be viewable tomorrow via these two sources: -Go to this link on any computer or device:  -On Periscope (via a Periscope account) : @cotr_gadsden The family of Sis. Kimberly Nesbitt thanks you for your continued prayers and outpouring of concert and support.  —– PS-if theContinue reading “Live Stream Of Sis. Nesbitt’s Homegoing”

Shoutout From Maryland

  God has extraordinarily commissioned Pastors Sean and Ron Libby to establish and lead Christian Life Center, a church that shines a bold light in the spiritual darkness across our nation’s Capitol. Anyone who loves apostolic truth, apostolic holiness, and the apostolic Acts 2:38 salvation mandate can rest assured that the Baltimore and Washington beltways haveContinue reading “Shoutout From Maryland”

CAC: What’s Happening Next?

Please examine the following CAC event ads and answer the questions beneath each for your own assurance of readiness! Have you signed up to participate in a CAC Harvest Fest time slot or a festive activity? Are you praying that drive-bys and the entire CAC neighborhood become aware of the outward focus and care of yourContinue reading “CAC: What’s Happening Next?”

Thriving Apostolics in Greece: Crossroads UPCI 

 Missionary Sim Stickland and his family came to Greece some 30 years ago. Since then, dozens of apostolic churches have been established by his visionary leadership. He is a true, modern-day apostle to the whole region. In Athens alone, there are four churches in the metro area which have been planted by the grace ofContinue reading “Thriving Apostolics in Greece: Crossroads UPCI “