Urgent Prayer Need

Dear CAC Family,

As you may know, Bro. Robertson, our greatly appreciated, deeply dedicated, and especially talented Sunday School Director was diagnosed with stage four carcinoma (cancer) on Wednesday, April 11, 2012. (Mark this date, because it represents the beginning of a new testimony of God’s remarkable miracle-working power.) Five years ago, he was made aware of the tiny cyst that–in the last four weeks–has mysteriously expanded to the size of his fist, just under and behind his jaw. Originally, he was told not to worry with it, that it was of no concern. Turns out, doctors are saying that if it’s cancer now, it was cancer then. They just didn’t know to do a biopsy of the tissue initially. This tumor seems to be attached near his jugular vein. The doctors are calling for a PET scan to be run next week to determine more about the tumor and it’s potential point of origination. ALL THAT TO SAY: God still trusts His children with trials. Bro. Shawn is one of them. He is totally upbeat and confident in his Healer. He told me today that he learned to trust the Lord through five heart surgeries that were finally successful, so this is simply another opportunity to have faith in God.

My vision, upon first hearing this diagnosis, was that of a bull’s eye centered directly on the offending and foreign agent. Shortly thereafter, hundreds of arrows, representing the prayers of the saints, came ripping through the air, shredding the target, destroying the disease! God is our prayer answerer! We have no doubt.

“And the whole multitude sought to touch him: for there went virtue out of him, and healed them all.” (Luke 6:19, KJV 1900)

We’re announcing a church-wide fast at least one day this week before Sunday. Pick either today (Thursday), Friday, or Saturday, but please fast. When you do, please find a time and place to do like the multitude in the scripture above. We’ll all seek to touch Jesus, virtue will go out and He will heal abundantly! In Jesus’ Name.

Thank you for keeping the faith and praying fervently with Bro. Robertson. As a mighty host, we and the angels of God are standing still, ready to see the arm of the Lord once again revealed. We’re believing that the PET scan will have favorable results, even to the point of concluding that the cancer is gone, Lord willing, in Jesus’ Name. Chemotherapy and radiation have been preliminarily mentioned by the doctors as necessary to the shrinking of the tumor before it can safely be surgically removed. We’re binding together in prayer that God will TOTALLY be the Great Physician and turn this whole situation around at His sovereign and omniscient timing. He knows what’s best, in any situation.

Don’t forget to pray for Bro. Shawn’s wife, Sis. Maria. She and the whole family are leaning on their church family for prayer cover and support at this critical time.

Thank you! What a blessing to be able to “Go to God in prayer” with the companionship of the family of God all over the world. Please pass this message along to others who may not be on the CAC family email list.

Yours for the comfort and love of Jesus, always,

Pastor Haymon II


Good Friday Greetings and Announcements

CAC family and friends: How are you? We hope you’ve had a good week. It’s great to be home from Spring Break and fully engaged in the great work of serving God’s family at CAC. What an honor. In an effort to keep this message short and to the point, please observe the following bullet points:

  • EASTER SUNDAY CELEBRATIONS! Please be sure to invite every prospect within your sphere of influence to CAC this Sunday! We offer two opportunities for guests to join us: 10:00 AM and 6:30 PM! With Rev. Ron Wofford as our guest speaker, this promises to be a very rewarding and powerful weekend in fellowship with God’s Spirit! Praise God, He’s alive! (Family Easter Egg Hunt will follow the service at 1:30 PM at Eastmoor Park, just south of CAC on Monaco Parkway.)
  • Pastor’s Leadership Training for April is TONIGHT at 7:00 PM in the YO Center. If you’re engaged and active in leadership at CAC, from classroom to platform, from Home Bible Studies to the kitchen, this training is for YOU! Our guest seminar teacher is Rev. Ron Wofford, Dean of Theology at Texas Bible College. The topic is “Ten Essential Qualities of a Leader.”
  • CAC School and Family Laptop Sharing TOMORROW. Calvary Academy National Standardized Testing Week starts Monday! As you may know, your pastor is a sociological “early adopter.” 🙂 Beginning this year, Abeka Book, Inc., our school curriculum publisher, is utilizing the Stanford 10 online. We could continue using the old Terra Nova paper-based test, but the new test is much faster in responding with scores and it is much less expensive. Here’s the most important thing: We are currently lacking 7 (seven) loaned laptops. That means, without those seven, we’ll have a shortage on Monday and that number of students will be unable to test. If you can help, even by providing a laptop on a daily basis next week from 7:30 AM to noon, we need to hear from you ASAP! Please email Bro. Chad Monteith (chad.monteith@comcast.net) with your availability. This may be best for anyone who cannot afford to be without their laptop for the entire week, but can spare it each morning.
  • Finally, TOMORROW, Saturday, is a mega-multi-functional day of Easter preparations at CAC. Music Ministry, don’t miss your Easter rehearsal schedule: Rhythm is at 9:00 AM, Orchestra at 10:30 AM, and Choir at 12:00 noon. Church-wide cleaning workday begins at 1:30 PM.

Thank you! God bless you and yours, now and forever with His resurrection power!

Pastor Haymon

East Coast Greetings from Pastor Haymon & Family

Coming to you live from aboard the NYC to Washington DC Amtrak train, speeding along at over 120 mph.

We’ve had a very delightful visit to the Big Apple! From Broadway to 911 Memorial, from Times Square to Liberty Island, it’s been packed with great sights and wonderful family memories. We plan to be at Christian Life Center with the Libby’s this weekend. More sights and memories are in the making and yet to be realized. I share a “smattering” of photos here, in case you’re interested. Thank you for your prayers and many thoughtful communications.

Hoping and praying for a tremendous weekend at CAC. Don’t forget our missionary guest from Ethiopia this Sunday night. You’ll be so glad to hear updates of progress from Bro. Solomon and his ministerially passionate son. For your additional information, click here to open a document from a fellow pastor, David Smith from ME, who is largely involved with this particular missions focus.

Looking forward to seeing all of you Tuesday at midweek Worship & The Word. God bless you immensely!

(Your grateful)
Pastor D. E. Haymon and Family

P.S. For more photos and updates, follow us on Instagram at “thedonald2.”








Jack Carter’s Testimony: Today’s Cryo Treatment

FWD from Julie Carter (wife), 1:28 PM, 3/13/12:

What a difference from the “adventure” two weeks ago. Today went as smooth as could be. Both Jack and I had long conversations with Dr. Fukami and the Anesthesiologist before the procedure. They feel that he had the stroke during the last procedure, while asleep, resultant from a combination of being off the anticoagulant and the cryo treatment itself and perhaps other factors as well. That would explain his rocky awakening and difficult post procedure course after the treatment February 27th. Today with a new anti-coagulation regimen and 2 anesthesiologists in attendance we proceeded with the planned procedure and are more than thankful with the outcome! In February the procedure pictures clearly showed a bulky white tumor in Jack’s lower esophagus. Today’s pictures reveal “1) localized mild mucosal abnormality characterized by granularity 2) Barrett’s esophagus 3) a benign-appearing, intrinsic mild stenosis{narrowing} and 4) mild patchy congestion and erythemia in stomach.” NO TUMOR!!!! No Cryo treatment was done! Dr Fukami wants the esophagus to heal for 2 more weeks. He did take several biopsies from all areas and we should hear by the end of the week or early next week. We are thanking the Lord and our friends and family for all the prayers and support. Dr Fukami also dilated {stretched wider}the small stricture which should make swallowing much easier for Jack. Dr Fukami is very pleased with the result and feels Jack will need at least one more cryo treatment depending on the biopsy findings! WAHOO! Thank you Jesus!! Regardless of the biopsy findings, today’s procedure went so well, so incredibly smooth and uneventful with Jack waking up easily and able to walk and think normally and that the bulk, if not all of the tumor is gone….hallelujah!!! Two weeks ago he was in the ICU on a breathing machine and no movement in his left arm or leg…Today he is playing his clarinet and preparing for a special song, gaining strength by leaps and bounds…again Thank You Jesus!!!! And again thank you all for all the prayers and support. I did a dance and cried tears of joy today. Love, Julie/mom

Three Phone Calls…

Greetings, in Jesus’ Name, from Sacramento, CA! The 2012 No Limits preaching conference has been absolutely outstanding. I encourage you to tune in on www.holyghostradio.com to hear today’s services (10:30 AM and 7:30 PM, PST).

How have your opportunities to speak Apostolic been this week?? (Apostolic means “go” or “sent,” as in one commissioned to spread the good news!!)

I have a challenge for you. In the last several weeks, we’ve had a very large showing of guests at our CAC worship services, and many are returning again, and again. That’s exciting. What a wonderful pathway to revival the Lord has laid out before us. Here’s your pastor’s challenge:

PLEASE CALL, TEXT, OR EMAIL, AT LEAST THREE (3) UNSAVED FRIENDS and invite them to a weekend of Divine Healing and Holy Spirit Transformation, this Sunday, 3/11. Anyone who needs a healing, anyone who needs transformation, anyone within driving distance of CAC should join us (either/both) Sunday morning or Sunday evening for life-changing services.

We look forward to welcoming you and your guests this Sunday!

I can hardly wait for another revival weekend opportunity to see lives be blessed and bodies be healed. Thank you for being Apostolic!

With deep Shepherd love,

Pastor Haymon

P.S. Please remember Sis. Bustamante as she faces an knee-replacement surgery, due to a terrible fall on black ice day-before-yesterday. She’s at Parker Adventist hospital now.

P.P.S. Bro. Don Tanner is in Rose  Hospital this morning with what appears to be a very painful infection in his foot. Thanks for your prayers!

Revival Update From Sis. Noel 3-07-12

Yet another word of encouragement from our dear Sis. Noel Tuning. It’s “infectious!”

Begin forwarded message:

March 7, 2012 6:04:21 AM MST
To: Pastor Haymon <deh2>
Subject: From Noel 3-07-12


Tuesday Evening Service again gave evidence of the MOVING of the HOLY GHOST! The twenty-something newcomer led the way to the altar, face down onto the steps. As Reverend Donald Haymon II poured effectual, fervent prayer into her by the laying on of hands, floods of tears streamed from her eyes as her shoulders shook from deep sobs. The HOLY GHOST gripped her heart!
Meanwhile, a new addition to the teens stood at the altar steps, arms extended to heaven, clad in shorts, uttering syllables in an unknown tongue!
The HOLY GHOST demonstrates HIS POWER once again!
Changing and transforming lives is becoming the norm at Calvary Apostolic Church, as REVIVAL CONTINUES!

Revival Continues!

Sharing a message from a worshiper at CAC, Sis. Noel Tuning (thank you for your constant encouragement, Sister!)


Under the leadership of its Pastor, last evening Calvary Apostolic Church continued down the river of Revival!
Members gave testimony of the MIRACLE WORKING POWER of JESUS CHRIST in their lives!
People THRONGED TO THE ALTAR at the invitation by Pastor Haymon to COME AND LAY THEIR PAST BURDENS DOWN!
Nearly ALL IN ATTENDANCE surrounded the altar area, completely by an act of their own will, leaving past issues behind, positioned to then GO FORWARD into NEWNESS OF LIFE WITH THEIR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!
is that which is occurring continuously as REVIVAL CONTINUES at Calvary Apostolic Church!

Glorious Jack Carter Update!

So here it is: Looks like Jack had a mild stroke but he will fully recover from it! With better and longer anesthesia care, Jack can continue with his cryo-therapy. He is more and more alert with each moment – talking with visiting church members and laughing. He will be on anti-seizure meds for about six weeks… But other than that, Jack will make a full recovery! Thanks be to the Lord God Almighty!!
God’s not done yet! Hallelujah!
–Ben Mitchell (Step-son-in-law)

Update on Jack Carter

Greetings, Saints of the most high!

I’m just now leaving Presbyterian St. Luke’s hospital in Denver where Jack Carter has been in a drug induced coma for the last 24 hours. Further testing has revealed no concerns and no factors of alarm. The cause of his previous seizures are still unknown. The medical staff have been allowing Jack to awaken on his own for the last couple of hours. Upon removing the breathing tubes he has been able to communicate and respond quite well! Although he has a sore throat and a raspy voice, he is actually speaking to us intelligibly. Throughout the next day or so, lots of observation will be taking place to be sure of his progress. In the meantime, we are praising God and thanking our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for being the Great Physician!

Don’t stop praying. Sister Carter and the family thanks you all for your continued prayers. We will keep you up-to-date as developments arise. God bless your day.