Give up? Go on!

Joseph of the Old Testament had a roller coaster ride of a life. Actually, to him it probably seemed like the “Bottomless Coaster” in the un-amusement park of life.

When one carefully counts his experiences, dividing them into positive and negative events, we find that he had twice as many negative experiences as positive. The negatives screamed out, “Give up!” The positives told him, “Go on!”

Joseph succeeded as the major player in God’s plan and purpose for His nation of Hebrews, saving millions of souls from cruel bondage by simply tuning out the “Give Ups” and cranking up the “Go Ons.”

Which are you listening today?

Rev. D. E. Haymon II
Calvary Apostolic Church of Denver
5900 E. Yale Ave.
Denver, CO 80222

From Intention To Fruition

Hello, CAC and the blogosphere (if you’re viewing this on!

As I shared with Rev. Tim Spell, “the path between intention and reality is paved with goals.” Just yesterday, I challenged the Calvary Academy high school with this homework: In one week, bring the first and last name of at least one individual who doesn’t know the true, Apostolic plan of salvation to whom you’ve offered to share the Search For Truth Bible study series.

Classroom training is a great place to develop intentions. But imagine the surprise when saints come to the Judgment and find out that their intentions are nowhere to be found! Our eternal rewards or penalties will have nothing to do with intentions. Only realities, accomplishments, goals set and completed will be deemed worthy of judgment by the Almighty Judge.

” … they were judged every man according to their works … ” –Revelation 20:13

My challenge to you, dear reader, is this: Transfer every good intention into a goal. Put it on your calendar. Now, walk that road with patience, prayer, and Godly counsel! Your “mark” is closer than you think!

“I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” –Philippians 3:14 (ESV)

Looking forward to a great weekend of truly Apostolic worship and the Word.

THIS SUNDAY IS FRIENDS AND FAMILY DAY: Service at 2:00 PM, with pre-service prayer (in the prayer rooms) at 1:30 PM.

We’re also looking forward to the Nesbitt & Everette wedding tomorrow at 1:00 in the CAC sanctuary. Everyone is welcome.

May the Lord richly bless your day and your hearts as you prepare for the next goal!

You’re loving shepherd under the Great Shepherd,

Pastor Don Haymon II

Offspring of Thanks

Psalm 95:1–6 (KJV)

1O come, let us sing unto the Lord: Let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation.

2Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving, And make a joyful noise unto him with psalms.

3For the Lord is a great God, And a great King above all gods.

4In his hand are the deep places of the earth: The strength of the hills is his also.

5The sea is his, and he made it: And his hands formed the dry land.

6O come, let us worship and bow down: Let us kneel before the Lord our maker.

If, as Cicero once said, “Thanks is the parent of all other virtues,” then I propose that her firstborn is Love, her second born is Faith, and her third born is Hope. Her firstborn grandchild is Sacrifice, born of Love; her second born grandchild is Grace, born of Faith; and her third born grandchild, born of Hope, is Courage.

Got Thanks? This comparative genealogy allows us to watch and listen for those unmistakeable family members of Thanks in our hearts and in the spirit surrounding our dinner tables today. May we each see overwhelming evidence of Thanksgiving in our lives, on this particular Thanksgiving holiday.

Thanksgiving is worthless without thanks-living!

Happy Thanksgiving from Pastor Haymon and family! We’re so very thankful for our friends, family, and the CAC congregation today.

Think & Thank

(Pastor’s Weekly Meditation for Thanksgiving Week 2010)

In old Anglo-Saxon, to be “thankful” meant to be “thinkful.” Thinking of one’s blessings should stir one to gratitude. Also, thinking of the consequences of unthankfulness should shake us into a refreshed attitude of gratitude.

Think about it: A lack of Thanksgiving is the linchpin, the cornerstone, the foundation of disastrous evils. Read it for yourself in Romans chapter one. A basic outline of the outcome of unthankfulness (1:20-32) goes like this: The first and second indictments—inexcusable ignorance and ingratitude combine to result in people who are not only thankless, but refusing to worship their Creator. Notice the trend in the next four charges: insolence—claiming themselves to be wise without God, they become fools instead; idolatry—exchanging God’s glory for idols resembling mere people, birds, animals, and snakes; immorality—they are guilty of gross sexual deviancy; and the final disastrous evil indicted is incorrigibility—embracing and endorsing wicked deeds.

It’s interesting that even William Shakespeare once said: “I hate ingratitude more in man than lying, vainness, babbling, drunkenness, or any taint of voice, whose strong corruption inhabits our frail blood.”

On the other hand, full-blown, heart-embedded Thanksgiving results in the deepest satisfaction and the richest blessing, even to the tune of miracle-working power.

When we give Thanks, we have a choice: Deep, meaningful gratitude or shallow, meaningless clichés. It’s way too easy to say “Thank you” and not mean a word of it. Let’s make a covenant for this 2010 week of Thanksgiving. Every time you are about to “Thank,” stop and “Think.” Ask yourself, can I substitute those words with the definition: “I’m conscious of benefit received?”

Where do I go for thankfulness? Is there a specific source or origin? If gratitude, thankfulness, and appreciation are so important, where can I “get some?” Perhaps the following devotional by J. A. Broadus will help you Think and Thank:

Thanks quells brooding. We are all prone, in certain moods, to complain of our lot. Everyone has at some time or other imagined that he or she has a particularly hard time in this world. It is to be hoped that in other moods we are ashamed of ourselves for such brooding. But how to prevent its recurrence? A valuable help will be the habit of thankfulness to God. Then if a brooding spirit arises, in the middle of some complaining sentence we will suddenly express thankfulness and perhaps laugh at ourselves for the folly of such brooding.

Thankfulness soothes distress. Those who are greatly afflicted—and not accustomed to being thankful—sometimes find the memory of past joys only an aggravation of present sorrow. It is otherwise with those who have learned to be habitually thankful. For these, the recollection of happier hours is still a comfort.

Thankfulness helps to allay anxiety. Notice what the apostle says to the Philippians: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God… will guard your hearts and your minds” (Phil. 4:6–7). Notice that we are to prevent anxiety by prayer as to the future with thanksgiving for the past.

Thankfulness cannot fail to deepen penitence. “God’s kindness leads you toward repentance” (Rom. 2:4). When we are in the habit of thankfully recalling the kindnesses and mercies of our heavenly Father, we perceive more clearly and lament more earnestly the evil of sin against him, and what is more, this will strengthen us to turn from our sins to his blessed service.

Thankfulness brightens hope. “I love to think on mercies past, And future good implore.” If we have been accustomed to set up milestones of God’s mercy on the path of life, then every glance backward will help us to look forward with more of humble hope.

Thankfulness strengthens for endurance and exertion. We all know how much more easily and effectively those work who work cheerfully, and the very nutriment of cheerfulness is found in thankfulness as to the past and hope as to the future.

Happy Thinking and Happy Thanksgiving!

I CANNOT CALL YOU FRIEND! – CAC Friday Communique for 8/27/2010

Greetings, Fellow Harvesters of CAC!

In response to requests for this poem–which we read at Tuesday PM’s service–I’m posting it here for you.

Don’t forget, although this is a 5th Sunday month, SERVICES ARE AT NORMAL TIMES, 10:00 AM & 6:30 PM. (We traded this one for the breather after MHCR 2010).

–Author Unknown…
My friend, I stand in judgment now.
And I feel that you are to blame somehow.
On earth I walked with you day by day.
But never did you point the way.
You knew the LORD,
In His truth and His glory.
But never did you share the story!
My knowledge then was very dim.
You could have lead me safely to Him.
You taught me many things,
This is true.
I called you friend,
And I trusted you.
But I have learned,
And now it is too late
You could have kept me from this fate,
We walked by day,
And talked by night,
And yet you showed me not the light.
You let me live and love,
You knew I would never live on high.
Yes, I called you friend in life,
I trusted you through joy and strife.
And yet on coming to this end, —

This is a wake-up call. Let’s make it a weekend of communicating the things of God to those who call us their friend.

God bless His devoted Harvesters!

Sincere shepherd-love,

Pastor D. E. Haymon II

Curb Appeal

Greetings, CAC!

I just ended a very interesting phone call with a stranger named Elizabeth. She has lived in Denver for 13 years, presently residing in our church neighborhood.  Tearfully, she told me that her father passed away six weeks ago, leaving a huge void in her life.  She said that she was raised conservative Baptist, but in recent years has re-dedicated her life to the Lord.

The purpose of her call was to get information on our church, because she is looking for a church home.  She asked me to give her a brief background statement, which I did as succinctly as I know how, including the new birth message of Acts 2:38, and the infilling if the Holy Ghost as evidenced by speaking in other tongues.  I told her that following, adhering to, and teaching the same doctrines that founded the Early Church, is where we get “Apostolic” in our church name.  She was very receptive and seemed to show great interest.

As we were concluding our conversation, she confirmed our service schedule, indicating strongly that she’d be our guest Sunday, then she dropped the lines that are still ringing in my ears: She said, “I was out for a walk this morning and passed your church, taking notice of the care you give for your exterior.  Oh, I know it’s not all about what’s on the outside, but it is obvious that your church cares.”  Her closing words were, “The way you keep everything so nice and neat is a testament to all who pass by, that someone really cares.”

Folks, is that not a perfect statement of holiness!?  It’s meaning is exponentially powerful in its pronouncement, coming from a complete stranger.  

It’s true. We show that we care by our “curb appeal,” both personally and corporately. Remember my statement that the lost “don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care?”  We have the only saving gospel, we baptize in the only Name “whereby we must be saved,” yet, if we stick our nose in the air and avoid the hurting, hungry, wounded neighbor, we hold the truth in unrighteousness.

How many people have recently passed your way, only to lose you upon a sea of sad, lonely faces? Do something about it. Spiff up your outward radiance of Holy Spirit boldness, shine your Light, let love flow!

“But in your hearts set Christ apart as holy and acknowledge Him as Lord. Always be ready to give a logical defense to anyone who asks you to account for the hope that is in you, but do it courteously and respectfully.” 1 Peter 3:15 (AMP)

Another spiritually dynamic weekend is upon us.  Even if you haven’t during the week, make it a point to befriend someone new, inviting them into your life, your circle of concern, your fellowship.  It’s not too late to get the word out about a church that is the friendliest and most welcoming in metro Denver, who’s doors open to the public Sunday at 10 & 6:30.

If it helps, feel free to say, “We keep a pretty nice yard, too!”  🙂

A great big thanks to Sis. Rebekah Rathgeber and her team for their devotion to our flowerbeds and to the Men’s Ministry (led by Bros. Dominick and Russ) for the regular attention to lawn care.

We’re a blessed church to have such teamwork and unity as to keep a balance between internal and external beauty.  Let’s keep it that way, on every level, and in every Ministry!

With shepherd love,

Pastor Don Haymon II

Don’t forget:

Tonight at 7:30 PM: YouthONE Fellowship
Saturday at 8:00 AM: Men’s Coffee and Bible Study, followed by a few hours of painting and miscellaneous remodel finishing.
Sunday, 10:00 AM & 6:30 PM: Worship and Evangelism

Maximize Your Mile Highs

Getting the most from the CAC-hosted Mile High Conference Revival 2010
Conference Host Website

In an effort to help, I’d like to present some basic and hopefully memorable tips to help you get the most out of this most special of all CAC annual events. You’ll be glad you carefully and prayerfully read this short article because it is chock full of common sense that might get overlooked due to the haste and busyness of summertime. To enjoy the highest “highs” and squeeze every drop of Holy Ghost nectar out of this precious, fleeting opportunity, we all must:

The MHCR is the leading calendar event of the CAC Master Calendar. It basically propels and defines the rest of the year of spirituality for CAC. As such, it deserves the highest rank on everyone’s personal calendar. Setting this week aside as the most important church week of the year, taking necessary time off work, deferring every possible distraction and hindrance will pay larger dividends than any other possible pursuit.

Picture a better, more heavenly-minded YOU afterward. The gap between the Christian you NOW ARE and you WANT TO BE will be sharply narrowed because of MHCR 2010. Without a vision the people perish. Picture the rapture-ready, repented, forgiving, forgiven, peaceful, loving YOU of your grandest visions! What a way to throttle forward with great gusto! Makes us alarmed to miss even ONE service, doesn’t it?! Can you see those new souls arising from the waters of baptism with glory on their faces?! New families! New children! New youth! In Jesus’ Name!

Plan ahead how you can soak in the Word of God as it’s sung, preached, and ministered. I suggest a notebook already prepared with pages marked with names of the speakers of the day so you can quickly write in titles and scripture references without unnecessary distraction or delay. Also, in advance, be very aware of your ministry placement, schedule, and responsibilities during the MHCR. Don’t leave anything to chance or fate. Communicate clearly with ministry directors and other leaders so you know exactly the what, when, where, and how of every expectation in your position(s) of service.

Play YOUR part. This is where unity reigns supreme! How good and how pleasant it is! No clashing discord here. No loose lips or sinking battle ships. At CAC, we’re all in this together! Prayerfully and lovingly respond to every resistance and opposition. (They’re always present!) Keep your emotional baggage truck bed raised so that every offense slides right off into the landfill (the dump) where it belongs. Remember, the Bible says “No retaliation. No sharp-tongued sarcasm. Instead, bless—that’s your job, to bless. You’ll be a blessing and also get a blessing.” (1 Peter 3.9, MSG) Alone and on our own, let’s get in tune with the Holy Ghost and, suddenly, we’re all a heavenly choir singing in angelic harmony!

The dictionary says this means “to take the chance to gain advantage from.” When some other legitimate conflict gets in the way of attending or benefitting from the MHCR, remember this: It’s only once-a-year, and, in many respects, once-in-a-lifetime! Our guest speakers have heard from God and will be delivering messages that will only be heard before a live audience in their present form only once. This is our very best opportunity to invite guests, regardless of how many times we’ve already done so, or how unlikely their acceptance may be. Take advantage of MHCR 2010!

It’s decision time. Right now, let us all choose to get the maximum benefit from this divinely orchestrated, heaven-sent Revival/Campmeeting/Conference.

The highest highs await those who choose to maximize!

Doctor Amazed by Miracle!

We anointed her with oil and prayed fervently for her last night in church and Sister Holly Cuellar had an ultrasound of her neck done this morning. The doctor came in the room after and said, the lump in your neck that we observed last week is GONE. He acknowledged that he came prepared for and expecting the worst, but the spot must have been a knotted muscle which has cleared itself up! What? WE PRAYING SAINTS OF THE MOST HIGH GOD KNOW WHAT HAPPENED! We prayed and the Lord once again worked a physical miracle. Spread the word. God is alive and working through the prayers and faith of His people at CAC!! Thank you Jesus!

CAC Friday Communique for July 9, 2010 – Saved Again!

Saved Again!

The Lord has once again gracefully spared one of His own! This news account is followed by an email from Sis. Karen Brownmiller:

One dies in ACI Services fuel-tank explosion – By The Denver Post

A welder died Thursday night at Swedish Medical Center, hours after he was critically injured when vapors inside a fuel tank exploded in Englewood. Family members identified the man as 33-year-old Erik Donaldson of Arvada.
View Full Story at

Pastor Haymon:

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the news from all the networks about the accident that happened today around 4:30 at ACI, Todd’s company. There was an explosion with a tank that they were “de-fuming.” These tanks are pretty big and hold all the water/gas/oil that Todd and his coworkers are collecting from the tank pulls. Apparently, their coworker, Eric, in his 30s, was welding on the second one and it sparked the fumes and exploded, sending him flying. He was burned pretty badly and, of course, badly broken and battered. They did CPR and got him to the hospital. However, he did not survive.

Keith Allis, the company owner, and the rest of the men are extremely shaken. They are a tight knit group because there are only around 10 employees. Please pray for God’s peace to surround Eric’s family and for the whole ACI company. Eric leaves a wife and a 6 year old son. The future of ACI is uncertain due to its size.

I know this sounds selfish…. but I thank God that Todd and my brother, Steve were not at the yard at that time. (Todd had decided not to return to the office and came home with a dump truck and Steve was busy at his other office.)

Pray for peace and comfort for Todd and Steve. This has been very physically and emotionally hard for them.

Thanks so much!
Sis. Karen

My reply:

I had NOT yet heard about this accident! What a tragedy. Very, very sad. Lord, keep us reminded how precious and fragile and uncertain life is!! You are not selfish at all. This is another testimony to the care the Lord takes of His saints. Just like the strikes on 9/11/2001, every Apostolic Holy Ghost-filled individual I know of was miraculously delivered. Thank the Lord, the brothers were elsewhere.

Who knows? This may be your family’s golden opportunity to pray for and reach out to those impacted. Be alert for such circumstances. We can be 100% sure that the Lord, who spared Bro. Todd from this, will also watch over and orchestrate the job situation as well, in your best interest!

Thank you for the news and the prayer request. We are praying immediately and continually for these precarious times!

Love in the Lord,

Pastor DEH2

CAC Family,

Isn’t the Lord so Good?!

Not only this, but we await a powerful and moving testimony from one of our recently baptized saints! What a weekend this promises to be. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Pastor DEH2

P.S. Thanks, in advance to all who plan to be involved in tomorrow’s workday at the Parsonage in Happy Canyon!


Dear CAC Saints,


We are excited to make the following update announcements:

James 4:15 (KJV)
“For that ye ought to say, If the Lord will, we shall live, and do this, or that.”

· Along with our own, we’ll feature singers, the Choir, and Musicians from Zion Tabernacle, our friends, a local Pentecostal assembly!
· One Jesus’ Name baptism is already spoken for to take place at the Park!
· We’ll host a booth to personalize postcards to send to our troops!
· Police Division Chief of Patrol’s office and the Lieutenant of the local District have been contacted and are aware of the event, for added security. (A quick safety briefing, thanks to former US Marshall Tina Rowe: “Remind CAC to be very careful on or even near the roadways…especially with kids who are playing around and people who are walking from one area to another. Vehicles cause more injuries in the park than anything else.”)

Here’s the plan for preparation:

Tomorrow Saturday, July 3rd:

· Outreach Teams head to City Park from CAC at 9:30 AM. Van ride available. (Come one, come all! 1,000 flyers MUST GO!!)

· CAC Sanctuary: Praise and Worship Team and Musicians practice from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

· 1 hour for lunch 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM

· CAC Choir Musicians and Choir singers begin practice from 1:30 to 3:00 PM

· CAC Orchestra Practice from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM – (Note this is the last practice before Mile High Revival; Sister Vonelle wishes to practice for July 4th and for Mile High as well in this 1.5 hour span.)

· 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM at CAC: Truck loading of the Public Amplification System and all instrumentation associated with the park service.



Stage, canopy, and sign setup at 10:30 AM at City Park. Bring a mallet if you have one. All willing hands are invited to help.

The service will run from about noon to 3:00 PM with Choirs, Orchestra, Praise & Worship, Testimonies, and Preaching in intervals throughout. Tithe and offering contribution opportunities will be provided, as well. Bring lawn chairs, personal umbrellas & ice chests, as desired.


SEE WHAT A PRESSING PRAYER NEED THIS IS? Between now and Sunday, please spend every praying moment, asking the Lord to help us and to make the difference between performance and Apostolic Power. In Jesus’ Name!

Yours for His Kingdom,

Pastor Haymon