Thanks, Kelly Ventura!

I just needed a tiny push, and here I am.

My friend, Evangelist Kelly Ventura, from Visalia, CA, highly recommended that I begin a blog. I took that as a complement. When asked “Why I should start a blog?” he replied something like, “Because you could be a source of help and encouragement for people who read blogs.” I know you are not wondering who that is… 🙂

Thank you, Bro. Kelly.

Lord willing, I’ll begin writing my regular articles here and posting the links to the usual email address list, so they can simply read online instead of, or in addition to, the email version.

God knows, we pastors need to be like the children of Issachar in the Old Testament: They understood the times in which they lived. It’s a passion of mine to have such an understanding, and, simultaneously, to apply Biblical, Holy Spirit wisdom for truthful guidance for anyone who reads.

Thanks for your perusal!

God bless you,

Pastor Don Haymon II