Announcing Don Haymon III’s Administrative Pastoral Appointment

This Dad’s heart is full. Here are the comments we shared in tonight’s service before the prayer of blessing.

Thank you, CAC Denver, for your resounding support and affirmation!

Acts 6:3-4 (KJV)

3Wherefore, brethren, look ye out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business.

4But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word.


On a regular basis, my son, Don, and I sit down for a heart to heart. This past week we talked about the Call of God on his life and his willingness to step up and lead in ministry responsibilities like never before. He is answering that call by accepting the position of Administrative Pastor of CAC. His desire is to specifically relieve me of the business and administration portion which tend to distract from my Senior Pastoral role.

Bro. Don III has a pure heart for God and God’s people & kingdom. He is ready to be tasked with ministry from the big-picture (e.g., strategy and organization) to the small details (e.g., budget line items and members’ meeting agendas). He has a God-given passion to follow the vision that God has given me as his pastor and wants to help see that vision carried out in all areas of the church. His qualifications come from Spiritual equipping through theology college courses, CAC MIT course certification and a lifetime of sound doctrine preaching. He has been working behind the scenes for several years with Bro Hammann (worship services) and Sister Kelly (Music) and myself (handling monthly administrative meetings) and is now going to assume the added responsibilities of office work that was previously handled by my secretary. He leads with humble, loving diplomacy and is in 100% submission to pastoral authority.

In business, he’s gifted in administration, organizational strategy, and communications.

His business career started 7 years ago at Castle Rock School of Music. God has blessed him to move from retail, to manager, to instructor and now he owns his own studio company and has 40 private students (with a waiting list.).

God has blessed his business so much that he can now schedule his work to accommodate this call from God to give even more time supporting ministry needs of CAC.

I am a blessed man that he is my son, son in the gospel and a true helpmeet to me in ministry and we at CAC are blessed to officially add him to the team.

Please be respectful. Endeavor to limit business contact to busines hours. Let church be church!

If it is administrative/office or church service/event logistics, he is your man.

If it is spiritual, counseling or pastoral, Talk to God first and then I am your man. 😇

Pastor Donald Haymon II

June 2018 CAC Unboxed Kid’s Prayer Meeting Reflection

God is moving at Calvary Apostolic Church and revival is sweeping across our city, nation and world. Monday night’s Kids Ministry prayer meeting was no different. After a baptism and Holy Ghost infilling of one of our children on Sunday night, why not!? Please allow me to share some reflection of the prayer meeting.

As children, parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, Kids Ministry volunteers and Calvary Academy staff started to gather, an undercurrent of travailing prayer began to build in the Youth Center. After several minutes we started a focus prayers following the Kids Ministry core values. Together we prayed that God would change us inwardly, “Lord help us…”

Love kids. “It’s easy to love our own children, but to show that same love those children in our church, in our communities sometimes far from our thoughts. Help us to not see them as a nuisance, but to see them through Your eyes and embrace each in love.”

Help kids grow. “Lord, our children need to be engaged in the work of God, right now. We don’t want to push them aside hoping that they will catch the vision and heartbeat of living for God later in life. To do that allows the World to engage and teach them freely, and we refuse to let that happen. Let us not keep them on the bench, but make them active participants in the work of God.”

Serve kids. “Kids have needs too. Their needs are so very different than our own, but that doesn’t lower the priority of their needs. May we be mindful and observant to the children around us in our church and in our community. Help us to see the need… and meet that need.”

Go get kids. “CAC was built on reaching kids all around us and moving forward it should be no different. Help us not to overlook the children in our neighborhoods or our branch ministry. Lead us to hungry and hurting children. Help us to lead them to Your love.”

Each focused prayer’s energy built on the next and magnified God’s presence.

Our final prayer, turned to pray for our children. The children present gathered in the altar area. The men gathered in front of them, laying hands upon them the men spoke blessings over them. The ladies gathered behind the child and interceded for each child. God began to move on our children. Heartfelt prayer began and tears were streaming down their faces. It was so powerful!

At the conclusion of that powerful prayer, Brother John Peyton asked if he could speak. He recalled over the years holding many children in his arms when they were babies, but today those same children are grown and not currently in church. Those children grew up in Apostolic homes with Godly fathers and mothers. So why are they not here today?We need to be mindful that the Devil is out for our children, and we will lose them if we don’t love them…truly love them as a church body, not just as individual families. Lord give us heart to love and reach the kids You have placed in our path!

Oh what a wonderful time in the presence of an awesome and amazing God. I look forward to next Kid’s Ministry prayer meeting.

-Ray Cuellar, CAC Unboxed Kid’s Director & Pastoral Caregiver

Immediate Focus Items for CAC!


Dear CAC family, below is a direct copy-and-paste to you, raw and unfiltered as I received it from Bishop Ral Buai. Naturally, English is not his first language but, as you know, he is very powerful in his message! We are still rejoicing over this last anointed weekend of services at CAC. TONIGHT, Bishop Buai will be delivering his testimony and his vision for the future of the work of God in Burma

Here is your quick heads up that at tonight’s service we will be collecting a special love offering to send with him to bless the operations of the apostolic movement and vision in Myanmar!

Begin copy and paste direct message from Bishop Buai to Pastor Haymon:

As you may aware, our humble petition to your great church will produce a good result for the kingdom of God. Our most need help is the Bible School 8 months to feed 65 students. The UPCI is designated 5500 for the whole 8 months but it is barely enough for 3 months.

You know Dr. Anna and Henry (VP of Burma) have a dream to build a new building for the Bible School.

As I told you verbally, my ŘAV4, is too small for the countryside traveling. I can sell for 18 thousand US dollars. To add about 8000 dollars could buy Prado used suv so that I can travel to the hills region of our Church. I am praying the Lord will do a miracle.


Dear brothers and sisters of CAC, whatever blessing you are able bring to contribute, whether small or great, will be a blessing.

Thank you in advance!


Four of the most important minutes of your entire week if you just listen to this audio track. God is opening doors in the Denver Women’s Correctional facility like never before. Feel free to reply to this email for more information and to be added to the Facebook Event Group. We’ll have application forms available in tonight’s CAC worship service.

Women’s Prison Ministry message here:

Download application here:


Rev. Don Haymon II 

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Calvary Apostolic Church

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Denver, Colorado 80222

303-877-2891 (Cell)

Services: Sun 10a & 6:30p, Tue 7:30p

Virtual CAC Branch Commissioning Card

Contacts I pledge to pray for and make every effort to disciple for Christ in 2018. (This list will remain secure and private).

Please print (or take a picture of this list before you hit “Submit” so that you keep a copy of the list close to your heart for ready reference and prayer.

CAC 2018 Vision: Belong To Become

Open arms. Open hands. Open hearts. CAC represents Jesus Christ to the Denver metro area by being inclusive of all walks of life. We carry out Jesus’ own words, “come unto me, all…” Just like Jesus, we welcome all to BELONG (Matt. 11:28).

Further, Jesus makes it clear that all who come to him he will hold onto and he promises not to let go!

He wants us so badly that he takes the first step. His birth, his broken body, his blood, his burial all form the divine currency to buy humanity back to himself. He only asks for one simple but profound response in return: BELIEVE (John 6:37; Hebrews 10:9,19-20; John 7:38-39).

All who sincerely believe receive God’s own authority to enter into an eternal personal relationship with Him. Once outsiders, we have now become insiders in God’s family!

First, we Belong. Discipleship teaches us to Believe. But now, most amazingly, we can BECOME his children by a brand new birth of water and Spirit! (Matthew 28:19-20; John 1:12-13; John 3:3,5).


Missions Expedition Day 4

Above: The newly baptized Burmese church leaders. Praise the Lord! (The lady next to Sis. LaRonda walked 3 days and rode a bus for 2 days to commute from her village to hear the Acts 2:38 gospel and to be baptized in Jesus Name! She’s providing interim pastoral leadership while they pray for a pastor. Her name is Sis. Ruth

Above: Handmade clothing given to Sis. LaRonda & I. Personally made by Sis. Esther.

Teaching the glorious gospel of Acts 2:38 (in local customary clothing called a “longi.”)

CAC Myanmar Ribbon-cutting Ceremony

June 9, 2017, we were called upon to re-baptize Rev. Samuel Naing, upon hearing the truth of Acts 2:38 during his visit to Denver.

From the moment he came out of the water of baptism, he wanted to know more about this Bible doctrine. He was particularly fascinated with the truth he had never before seen in Matthew 28:19, that Jesus commanded baptism “in His Name.” Immediately after he departed Denver, preaching his revelation of Jesus-name, our new Burmese pastor friend expressed a deep desire to found a new church in his home city, Yangon.

Today, November 5, 2017, is the day that finds my wife and I in Myanmar (local name for Burma), about to attend the service where we’ll participate in the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Pictures will be added this blog post as the day allows. (I have made this blog private for friends and CAC Denver only so that we keep the news among a tighter circle while it is unfolding in the field).

Please send prayers!

Here’s the banner graphic for the new church:

The baptism that started it all:

Left to right, Rev. Samuel & Esther Naing, my lovely bride and I, Rev. Elvis Buai, Bishop Ral Buai, & Burma UPC General Superintendent, Rev. Pa Mang:

In a small, crowded house, alongside this busy street in Yangon….

….awaits a happy group, filled with Holy Ghost anticipation. We enter and cut the ribbon…

…then unveil the new banner with the new name given to a small network of churches who are just becoming aware of the truth of Jesus’ Name baptism…

Hunger is gripping the hearts of these sincere and ready precious people. We had powerful prayer and the Spirit of God visited the room. Many are so excited to be baptized in Jesus’ Name. Next chapter…. we’ll proceed with “showing the way of the Lord more perfectly” in in-depth Bible studies with House church leaders. So far, there are 6 house churches, totally the potential of 120 new souls for Acts 2:38 salvation! At least 16 have been baptized since Brother Samuel’s return from Denver. Please keep the prayers coming for the next two days to be effective in teaching and preaching.

(Photos courtesy of LaRonda Haymon)